हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण - कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे - हरे राम हरे राम - राम राम हरे हरे - हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण - कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे - हरे राम हरे राम - राम राम हरे हरे             Please always chant     <--     Hare Kṛṣṇa Hare Kṛṣṇa  -  Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Hare Hare  -  Hare Rāma Hare Rāma  -  Rāma Rāma Hare Hare



Srila Prabhupada decrees in writing that all GBCs are to be elected to 3 year terms by the Temple Presidents according the DOM Order, and that the Temple Presidents in turn be voted in by their congregations. This system of checks and balances giving equal power and voice to all the acting members of ISKCON, and if there is any remotely questionable behavior, the offending party, whether GBC or TP, can be removed. This stands in stark contrast to the present ISKCON, without the Direction of Management, where any non-GBC or non-"guru" will be ridiculed, banned, or even physically harmed, for criticism of the current management structure in ISKCON.

Bhaktivedanta Manor

My Dear Mukunda das:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated September 22, 1974 and have noted the contents. Regarding the election of President, a president can only be changed by vote. If no vote was taken, then the president cannot be changed. Neither Hamsaduta can change the president whimsically or can anybody else change the president. According the "Direction of Management'' the GBC cannot change the President but only by vote can it be done. The GBC's business is to see that the President and the members are doing nicely, following the regulative principles, and chanting 16 rounds and that other things are going on nicely.

If it was decided by vote that Hamsaduta would select the president then Hamsaduta is right. Without authority Hamsaduta cannot change the election. If the vote was in favor of Madhavananda, then Hamsaduta cannot whimsically change the vote. But, if by vote he was authorized to select the president, then whomever he selects is right. I was not informed by my secretary that Hamsaduta was authorized by vote to make the selection. But, why was Hamsaduta authorized if the vote was already taken? This I do not know.

On the whole I understand there are so many contradictions, so in the presence of all members you may take the vote again and decide finally.

You may inform Prabhavisnu that I have received his letter dated 22/9/74.

I hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Letter to: Mukunda:
29 September, 1974

Washington, DC

My Dear Rupanuga das:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated November 1, 1974 with enclosed clipping. But, I have not yet received the report of the inquiry commission investigating the charges against Bali Mardan. (Later on heard something by telephone message to Brahmananda).

Regarding your GBC report, at the Buffalo farm the deer were eating daily the crop or all at once? Regarding Boston, it is a better house they have now purchased? What is the price and what are the facilities? Regarding the book distribution increasing in Philadelphia. yes we are getting such reports of increasing book distribution from all over. In L.A. they have sold over 600 copies of the new Srimad-Bhagavatam in one weekend.

Atlanta facility of 10 acre and 3 building sounds very nice. Purchasing or renting doesn't matter. Only here in India is a purchased house more important than a rented house. The prasadam program must be continued and increased. It is very good program for attracting the students. They have never tasted this kind of foodstuffs. Regarding Miami that you want to replace Abhirama, yes a capable man must be there, what can be done. But I have already written that he can marry that girl and divorce his wife. Regarding Washington, D.C., that Damodara is also resigning, we are increasing in so many ways, but our men are deteriorating. What to do? Regarding Gainesville installation of Gaura-Nitai, where did you get the murtis from?

I hope this meets you in good health.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

N.B. Regarding replacing Abhirama and Damodara I refer to the "Direction of Management'' as follows: "Removal of a Temple President by GBC requires support by the local Temple members.'' Therefore you should take a vote of the Temple members and do the needful. A.C. B.S.

Letter to: Rupanuga:
7 November, 1974

Washington, DC

My Dear Rupanuga das: 

Please accept my blessings. I have seen your letter dated October 31, 1974 addressed to Brahmananda Swami and have noted the contents with care. I have not yet received the report from the Enquiry Commission, but there are four points to be enquired. The first is the meat eating and chicken eating in the temple and even in the Deity kitchen where the prasadam for the Deities is prepared. This is the most serious complaint. And, in spite of the meat eating Taittiriya was allowed to worship the Deity.

The second is the complaint of abusing the devotees and exploiting their service for accumulating money and for aggrandizing himself and herself both. The third is her real identity. And, the fourth is whether actually the building negotiation is going on.

So from your letter the first and second points are corroborated by the Enquiry Commission. Regarding the fourth point about the negotiations for the building purchase, I have written one letter just now to Taittiriya whether according to her letter dated September 11, 1974 she has taken possession of the 5th Avenue house. If it is not taken and no proper reply is received, then surely it is all bogus; and if the transaction is bogus, then the third point, her identity, is also bogus.

So the conclusion is I like Bali Mardan and love him, but if he is still after this bogus wife then I shall have to take action. There is no alternative.

Regarding Abhirama, in your letter you mention that in Miami it is so important center, 65 devotees, growing each day, ideal location. So Abhirama, has done this. He has done much service. He cannot be removed whimsically. Sex disturbance is the permanent disease of the Western people. Anyway I have already written you that the local members must agree for him to be removed by you, according to the "Direction of Management.'' Regarding his divorce enclosed is one letter dated 1/10/74 regarding this.

I hope this meets you in good health. 

Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Letter to Jayananda, 29th Sept. 67:
I congratulate you on your being  elected a president of ISKCON San Francisco branch.  Your election as president is recognition by Krishna, and therefore I have got full support for you.  Mukunda and the other members have rightly selected you as president. 

Letter to Gurudas, 2nd March, 70:
I beg to acknowledge receipt of your two letters dated 20 and 26 February, respectively, and I am so glad to learn that you have been elected president for this year.  In India, when there was a congress election among the executive members, each year a person was elected president.  I think this system may be followed in our institutions also.  Of course it will depend on the local situation, but in a round if each person is given the chance of managing the whole affairs, that means every one becomes responsible officer.

Letter to Jagadisa, 27th Feb. 70
The idea is that whoever is competent to manage affairs will accept the post of president by mutual consent.

Letter to Jayapataka Maharaj, Aug. 24th, 71:
The president, secretary and treasurer elected by the members of the center cannot be changed at least for one year; better to continue it for three years.

Letter to Hamsaduta dasa, 12th September,74:
Regarding Madhavananda being the president, if he recived the vote, why you have opposed? You must be impartial.  My recommendation is that he must be president.  He has been chosen by the vote, and I am giving the casting vote for him.

Letter to Madhavananda dasa, 16th Sept. 74:
Regarding the election there for president ot the temple, I understand that you received the vote.  So you should be the president.  I am putting my casting vote for you.  I have informed Hamsaduta this by post.

Letter to  Hamsaduta dasa, 1st Oct. 74:
Regarding the election at Bhaktivedanta Manor, as you have suggested an election of all members present should be held to make a final selection.....[...].....Out of the two candidates whoever is elected by the majority vote, may be the president.


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